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Greene Wood Design
Quality furniture from reclaimed wood
The essence of my work is to use reclaimed wood and materials collected from a variety of sources. My approach is to create natural simplistic pieces which have a rustic feel and look to them, each piece unique to itself.
Much of the wood I use is sourced locally. It can be salvaged from old farm gates and fences, disused doors, old house/barn beams, even old redundant furniture has been dismantled and the wood reused. The wood used can literally be from anywhere. The underlying factor for its continued use is that it must be strong and woodworm free.
The process of allowing a piece of timber to live on in another form is a particularly rewarding experience. Many of my pieces are very much character driven due to the age and nature of the wood used. Sometimes I find myself using timber which is hundreds of years old. As regards species of wood used, I work with many different varieties; oak, however, remains a particular favourite.
I work principally on a commission based process producing varied pieces, ranging from small candle holders and boxes to larger pieces such as chests, tables and bookcases. My work is displayed in a selection of galleries, and is also available in several different shops.
The ability to be creative has been constant throughout my life, and woodwork has been my passion for many a year. As a mature student I studied all aspects of furniture making at Highbury College in Portsmouth. I have worked with furniture makers in Britain, the USA and the Netherlands. Now based in Thoresby Park, Nottinghamshire - a stone's throw from Sherwood Forest - I work from a small workshop in an idyllic location, nestled amongst ancient trees, rolling fields, and an abundance of wildlife.
A perfect setting for inspiration.
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